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Be here.

An addicting game called Minimetro (•‿•)
mauriziodiiorio: Check out the cover I shot for the Spring 2014 issue of Printed Pages, the It’s Nice That magazine, on sale from today.
So beautiful!

Touch The Art

My Relational Design Project ☺ Check it out, and submit to the ongoing gallery! All submissions will eventually be printed in a booklet.

Instructions for submission as follows:


1. On Google Images, search for any well-known painting of your choice.

2. Pick any version of the painting, and hover over the thumbnail (so you see the little pointy finger cursor.)

3. Congrats, now you’re touching the art!

4. Using a smartphone, please photograph touched art with your phone.

5. Feel free to photo-edit a frame to your piece. (Optional.)

Don’t forget to mention the title in the caption!


Thank you for participating!


I was walking through the streets today and realised that I don’t walk straight. So I decided to change that and I felt so much stronger.